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The Argan Bean – One of Nature’s Most Powerful Beauty Ingredients

The Argan Bean – One of Nature’s Most Powerful Beauty Ingredients

The use of natural ingredients in beauty products is by no means a new concept. For thousands of years, various civilizations have relied on the gifts of nature for skin and hair care, and even for topical healing. Today, with all the developments in the science of beauty products, there are still some natural products that simply can’t be replaced. One such ingredient, is Argan oil, extracted from a simple bean that has a long and varied history.

Where Do Argan Beans Come From?

Argan beans, which are technically kernels, come from the Argan tree that is native to areas of Morocco and Algeria. Today, the tree can be found throughout areas of Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Much like the Olive, Argan beans are prized for the oil that they produce. Extracting the oil is labor intensive and time consuming, and the largest producers are cooperatives that operate in Morocco. The oil is considered a luxury item, which is used not only for food flavoring, but also for its cosmetic benefits.

What are the Benefits of Using Products That Include Argan Oil?

Early historical records left by the Phoenicians documented how the Moroccan people used Argan oil both as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner. These early records date back as far as 1500BC, but it is likely that the oil has been used for over four millennia. Production methods have changed very little in that time, and the methods of extraction are rich in tradition. While mechanical extraction of oil from beans would be feasible, the labor intensive extraction methods ensure the purity of the final product, and these methods are also the most ethical, helping to create jobs without overly exploiting natural resources.

To understand why Argan oil is so beneficial for skin and hair, it’s important to look at the key vitamins that are found in the oil. Argan oil is a nutritionally rich oil that contains high levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, these are both essential for skin and hair health, and are highly effective when applied topically. The oil also contains Omega 6 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and is dense with anti-oxidants. The combination of all these nutrients will not only help to repair damage to skin and hair, but they will aid in softening skin, and keeping hair moisturized and protected from damage.

Anybody that is tired of harsh chemical cosmetics that are ineffective or even irritating to skin, will find Argan oil to be an ideal natural alternative that can provide noticeable results.

Using Premium Nature Argan Oil for Salon Quality Hair Care

A hair treatment at a good salon leaves hair feeling rejuvenated, healthy, and strong. Unfortunately, those results don’t always last when standard hair care products are used at home. Most name brand conditioners do use some natural ingredients, but they also use harsh detergents and silicon, neither of which should be used regularly.

When looking for a salon quality solution that uses ethical and natural ingredients, the Argan oil hair care range from Premium Nature is one of the best choices. Affordable and using only premium ingredients, these hair care products provide all of the nourishing and moisturizing benefits of Argan oil, which has been specially formulated into a conditioner, shampoo, and thermal shield. The thermal shield is perfect for some who regularly uses a blow dryer, curler, or flat iron, and the use of Argan oil allows for better finishing results that will last longer throughout the day.

Cosmetic and hair care products are often most effective when we go back to the basics, and the Argan oil range from Premium Nature proves that nothing beats one of the simplest and oldest ingredients in existence.

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