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Rosehip Oil: Its Many Uses

Rosehip Oil: Its Many Uses

Rosehip oil is like the holy grail of anti-aging. In 1983, researchers at the University of Santiago, revealed mind-boggling results from using rosehip oil on 180 participants, who evidenced skin problems. This natural therapy reduced wrinkles and scarring, rejuvenated prematurely aged skin and revitalized skin tone.

Although rosehip oil has been touted a “secret” by clever marketing departments, it was used to thwart wrinkles centuries ago, by ancient Mayans and Egyptians.

The healing properties of this plant are hidden beneath beautiful rose petals in the form of fruits, or hips, rich in vitamin C. Therefore, rose hip tea is commonly used to ward off colds.

The cherry-sized hips contain oil, which when extracted, is an amazing skin therapy. Let’s look some of rosehip’s oil many uses:


Rosehip oil is chock-full of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFA), which are proven to diminish scarring and wrinkles. Its high concentration of Vitamin A mends skin tone and texture. This plant oil erases dark circles underneath eyes and hydrates dry skin.

The body transforms the EFA’s in rosehip oil to prostaglandins (PGE) when they are absorbed via the skin. PGE’s are responsible for regenerating cellular membrane and tissue.

Further, rosehip oil contains a wealth of antioxidants, such as lycopene and beta-carotene, which safeguard and restore skin from aging effects of free radicals.

Bottom line, the regenerative action of rosehip oil provides anti-aging benefits.

Facial Scarring

The above clinical trials conducted on the 180 participants included people with acne scarring, massive facial scarring, surgical scars, burn scars and more. For four months, rosehip oil was applied to the affected areas of skin.

Findings bordered on the miraculous. Following daily applications of rosehip oil, even 20-year-old scars evidenced visible improvement!

Clinical Trial Conclusions: Rosehip oil regenerates skin and prevents progression of aging skin and fades wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation.

Healthy Scalp, Beautiful Hair

For dry, dull hair, gently massage warm rosehip oil into your scalp and hair. After about one hour, shampoo your hair. See and feel the difference immediately. Your hair will be silky-soft and shiny.

Get rid of embarrassing dandruff. Just massage rosehip oil on your scalp. Shampoo after 30 minutes.

The EFA’s contained in rosehip oil aids the body in mending damage to hair follicles and fosters healthy hair re-growth.

Sunburn Relief

Rosehip oil contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, from vitamin E to soothe and hydrate sun-damaged skin. Normally you will achieve speedy relief by applying it to affected areas. But more is not better. Use too much, and rosehip oil will cause additional inflammation. Simply put, you’ll suffer burns on top of burns.

The correct way to use this oil for sunburn therapy is by mixing with a good carrier oil, such as argan oil, permitting rosehip oil to safely supply its EFA’s and vitamins to the damaged skin cells.

Strengthen Nails

Always wanted long, strong fingernails? Stuck with brittle nails that frequently break? Rosehip oil is a natural alternative for expensive creams and stuff that claim to strengthen nails. Just dab a little rosehip oil on nails weekly, massage it in and watch your nails grow long and strong.

Breakthrough: Stress Reduction

In 2009, 40 participants were studied for effects of rosehip oil aromatherapy on pulse rates, blood pressure, skin temperatures, blood oxygen saturation and breathing rates. In assessing rosehip oil vs. a placebo, researchers used rating scales to measure emotional responses.

Participants receiving rosehip oil aromatherapy reported themselves as calmer and more relaxed, but less alert than those in the control group. The rosehip oil decreased systolic blood pressure, breathing rate and blood oxygen saturation.

Study Conclusions: Evidence supports using rosehip oil in aromatherapy for stress reduction and depression relief.

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