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Celebrate a Romantic Valentine’s Spa Day at Home

Celebrate a Romantic Valentine’s Spa Day at Home

VdayFebruary 14th is right around the corner and you know what that means. More than likely you and your significant other haven’t settled on how to celebrate. Places you usually choose are booked solid. It almost makes you want to call the spa to set an appointment for this rejuvenating, relaxing experience. But wait a minute! Just a few simple steps and items can deliver a romantic Valentines spa day at home.

Pick up a favorite meal for each of you and heat it in the microwave about ten minutes before dinner. Happiness has already started because you’ve avoided the hassle of finding a parking spot and a long wait to hear your name called for a table.

Download our menu that lists the spa treatments available using your favorite Premium Nature products Embellish the menu with glitter and colorful inks. Add a drop of rosehip carrier oil to a corner of the page to help infuse the fragrance throughout the room. Rest the menu against a stand or some other prominent position so it captures your sweetheart’s attention.

Strew rose petals on decorative saucers and arrange them on tables and shelves around the room. Move clutter out of the area and replace it with interesting magazines, books, and games. Be sure there are at least two comfortable chairs available to relax in and enjoy the experience.

Carrier oils are excellent choices for a massage because they help the hands to glide easily over the shoulders, back, and other muscles. The versatile 5 pack carrier oil set from Premium Nature includes favorites like cold pressed avocado oil and sweet almond oil. Mix them together for aromatherapy that adds to the feeling of relaxation. The oils have properties that improve the overall health of your body. Antioxidants in coconut oil refresh dry skin, while the moisturizing properties of sweet almond oil encourage soft a bright complexion and skin. Adding a facial to the menu of special treatments offered by your holiday at-home spa may result in you being treated to this special care.

Set out folded red or pink towels or washcloths. They add a cheerful atmosphere to the festive event!

Why not enjoy a spa bath before your guest arrives? It’s a great way to wash away the stress of the day while adding a favorite fragrance to your body. Blend two drops of Premium Nature rose essential oil with a spoonful of almond oil and mix it into a tubful of warm water or choose a different method of adding essential oils. This is a perfect time to try out one of the decoratively wrapped bath bombs! There’s a heart and name on each one, such as Zen, Invigorate, and Strength. Before you get in the tub, unwrap a bomb and drop it in. Ingredients like citric acid and baking soda cause it to fizz. The water of your home spa experience also changes color.

Enjoy treating your special someone to an at-home spa date. Watch a favorite movie on TV or dance to favorite tunes. It’s a night for the two of you to feel pampered and celebrate your time together. Heat the dinners and serve them at the table or on TV trays. This may become a tradition for other special events in your life.

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