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​Beauty Trends in 2018

​Beauty Trends in 2018

Beauty trends come, go and come ‘round again. Take natural beauty for instance. Nothing new there, except that 2018 is dubbed as the year of natural beauty. So, we’re expecting less caked on makeup and more natural skin and even a revival of wilder, more natural hair.

In an isn’t it about time manner, beauty trends are joining-up with sustainable living.

Organic Beauty Products

Organic veggies and fruit are more than healthy food items these days. In the interest of simple, natural living, many beauty product manufacturers are going green. For example, organic, fruit-pigmented mascaras are ideal for building the trending “sky-high” eyelashes.

Organic skin creams are derived from plants, containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Rather than use artificial fragrance, essential oil extracts, such as lemongrass, rose and lavender, give the creams a natural, refreshing scent.

Flower Power

When you stop and smell the roses this year, pinch off a couple for accessorizing your hair or outfit. We’re seeing flowers tucked behind ears, crowns constructed from flowers, big, bold colored fabric flowers, floral ‘puffs’ artfully arranged in updos and more.

Wearing scent eliminates the need for chemically laden perfumes.

Hair Styles

The natural look is further expressed in hair styles, which eliminate the need to use “product”. Could be time to get that sleek, shoulder-length hair re-imagined. Think bed-hair, wild and curly, short and sassy, straight and messy, wash-and-go, revealing the authentic you.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is another of the oldies that are comeback beauty trends in 2018. With one major difference from circa 1980…contemporary women want natural beauty products.

Organic lip gloss is made from natural ingredients. Most contain hydrating compounds that give lips that youthful, dewy look, so in vogue today. That creamy feel is attained by infusing ingredients, such as minerals, shea butter and/or essential oils. Colored glosses are derived from fruit pigments.

Beauty Oils

Natural beauty oils are beauty trends, which are anticipated to see their heyday this year. Essential oils are the workhorses of every beauty regime. From the bath to aftercare, such as moisturizing and skin care, safe and appropriate natural beauty products or essential oils are available.

Show Some Skin

To watch celebrities, walk down the red carpet in minimally made-up faces is a refreshing delight. This is the year to ditch heavy foundation makeup and rock your own skin. It’s all about following a nutritious diet and putting your attention on natural skin care.

Look for organic scrubs, cleansers, lotions and face masks. Green manufacturers are leaning toward essential oils, pumpkin, green tea, etc. containing natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterial properties.

Sustainable Fragrances

Now for the hottest of all 2018 beauty trends - sustainable fragrances. Scents without animal derived ingredients or veganism, warmed up last year and are expected to explode the market in 2018. surveyed 2,400 patrons of perfume and found that about 64% of them will shop for vegan scents during 2018.

These clean, sustainable, non-guilty pleasures are created without phthalates or parabens or skin allergens. Get in on the trend by creating your own personalized scents with essential oils! Mix up your favorite scents, like lavender and eucalyptus.

Final Thoughts

Beauty trends in 2018 are all about you doing you. Let your real self shimmer like a wish.

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